Teaching and Learning

This cartoon emphasizes the difference between teaching and learning. A teacher can do her job perfectly, get through all of the material, present everything that the curriculum called for in every way; yet a student may not have actually learned the concept. Education is the student’s job, just as much as it is the teacher’s job. Teachers should not expect students to always understand a concept right away, even if their lesson was perfect. Students should not rely on teachers to do all of the work, there needs to be active participation.



Fair does not always mean equal. A better definition of fair actually says that everybody gets what he or she needs, and because we understand that each individual is different, they will also have different needs and receive different things. This cartoon also shows that while we may adapt in our lesson plans, if our assessment is not also adapted to differentiation, then what is the point? This is where students demonstrate what they have learned, but if the exam does not properly assess each student in a way that is best for each student, then the results are not very conclusive.

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