Poverty: a situation where people’s needs are not met. These needs can be for food, water and shelter, but they can also be for self-esteem, companionship and happiness.

Absolute Poverty: inability to meet the basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing necessary for survival.

Human Poverty: conditions of the poor that can’t be measured in terms of money. For example, illiteracy, poor health, lack of security

Relative Poverty: when a person is unable to enjoy the normal standard of living for the society in which he or she lives. For example, in the USA a person is relatively poor if he or she cannot afford a television.

National Poverty Line: level of income within a specific country below which people are considered to be poor. For example, in the USA, the level of $12.00 per day is used.

Working Poor: people who have jobs and generally work full time but cannot make enough money to pay their basic expenses, such as food and shelter.