This teacher seems to have mastered the skill of multitasking; however, it is not always this easy in the classroom. Often times teachers need the right training, early on in their careers, in order to know what strategies to properly apply in their classrooms. This especially applies to those teachers with ELLs in their classrooms. It can seem like delicate work, sometimes, to balance the student’s English language growth; as well as, make sure that he is understanding concepts, even if they must be taught in Spanish first.



This is a good representation of the cultural boundaries that some ELL students are forced to break free from. Not only is your student trying to keep up with school work, in two different languages, but they are also people, who just want to fit in and be accepted for all of who they are, their first culture and an American. Teachers need to be aware of the social structures in place and how ELLs are responding to the transition, in order to better meet their needs on all levels.

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