The boat, “Rich Suburban Schools,” ponders why the boat “City Schools,” cannot arrange their deck chairs correctly. The phrasing of the question suggests that the fault lies with the people who are on the boat, and completely overlooks the state in which the boat itself is in. The actual structure is falling apart, has too many people to support, and has had to close one of its decks. Unfortunately, this is an accurate representation of the Urban School System we face in America, today, especially when compared to the Suburban School System.

Student/ Teacher Ratio

One problem that seems to plague the Urban School System is the overwhelming ratio of students to teachers. Urban Schools tend to go through more budget cuts, which results in hiring fewer teachers, while still taking in the normal amount of students. Class ratios without a healthy balance end up taking a negative toll on both the students and the teacher. Students do not get adequate time, attention, or personal interest; and teachers wind up stretching themselves to thin, trying to teach to the middle group of students, or having students slip through the cracks.

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